Positions and Opinions

Positions and Opinions

position papers

  1. Jane W. S. Liu, C. S. Shih, Edward T.-H. Chu, “Cyber-Physical Elements of Disaster Prepared Smart Environment,” accepted for publication in IEEE Computer Magazine. 2012.
  2. W. P. Liao, Y. Z. Ou, Edward T.-H. Chu, C. S. Shih, J. W. S. Liu,"Ubiquitous Smart Devices and Applicaftions for Disaster Preparedness", In the 2012 International Symposium on UbiCom Frontiers - Innovative Research, Systems and Technologies (UFirst 2012), Japan, 2012. (Invited paper)

opinions from individuals

All critiques and comments as posted on this page are the opinions of individual authors and they do not represent the official standpoint of OpenISDM.

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